About Grapeland State Bank

Bank History

Grapeland State Bank is located in beautiful downtown Grapeland, Texas.  The Grapeland area is proud to be part of Houston County, the first county formed in Texas.  The founding originators of Grapeland State Bank formed the Guaranty State Bank in 1911, which was later renamed as Grapeland State Bank.  

Grapeland State Bank celebrated 100 years of service in 2011.  In 2011 Grapeland State Bank was recognized by the Governor of the great State of Texas honoring the institution for all of its accomplishments over the years, as well as receiving proclamations for the Texas Senate and House of Representatives.  The bank also was presented resolutions from the Independent Bankers Association of Texas and the Independent Community Bankers Association recognizing the bank’s efforts in supporting the local economy. 

Over the past century Grapeland State Bank has seen many changes. However, one critical element remains the same, Grapeland State Bank provides the very best in customer service as well as the latest products and technologies to keep your banking experience simple and convenient.  In today’s ever-changing marketplace, our commitment to you is to continue to invest in the community. 

Prior to computerization, the bank’s staff processed all transactions “by hand”. The key to this processing was our “daily sheet” or ledger. On this daily sheet the bank staff would hand post debit transactions on the left side and credit transactions on the right side. Checking account deposits and checks were first listed on the back of the daily sheet. The daily sheet would be balanced each day to be sure all transactions were recorded correctly.  Of course bank staff “thought they had arrived” when computerized record keeping was first introduced. 

This bank made, and continues to follow, a renewed commitment to provide the best possible service to our customers.  Today this includes the most up-to-date services and facilities which are available in our industry.  These services and special attention to our customer's needs have resulted in our continuing growth.  The Grapeland State Bank is proud to continue the tradition of serving our customers and will strive to continue the building on that foundation.  We sincerely appreciate our loyal customers, without whom we would not have the opportunity to grow and we welcome the opportunity to serve any and all potentially new customers.

The Grapeland State Bank would not have a history to talk about were it not for the many employees who have served and continue to serve so faithfully during these years. For that we send a big note of thanks. We know that without the dedication of these employees we could not have provided friendly and confidential service to our customers.

Grapeland State Bank invites you to come in and see us, we welcome the opportunity to serve any and all potentially new customers. You’ll find that we truly have your best interest at heart. We’re not just located in your town, we’re part of your community.